Miracle Baby Born After Being Carried Outside Uterus

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The term "miracle baby" doesn't even begin to describe the birth of Nicky Soto's baby boy, Azlen Cruz Perfecto.

At 18 weeks into her pregnancy, doctors discovered the Phoenix woman's fetus was growing outside her uterus, in the lining of her abdominal muscles, "Today" reports. They warned her the pregnancy could kill her.

But Soto, 27, already a mom to a 7-year-old son, decided to keep the baby.

"There was the fact that this was maybe my only chance to carry another child," she tells "Today." "If this didn't go right and we had to remove the uterus, I wouldn't be able to carry again. I was hoping for the best."

The news show reports the pregnancy was so rare, doctors aren't even sure if a baby has ever been delivered following a case like this.

"Our biggest concern was what it would be attached to and where the blood supply came from," Dr. Curtis Cook, Soto's surgeon, tells "Today."

Dr. William Clewell, who was also involved in the case, tells the Phoenix CBS affiliate no one at Banner Good Samaritan Hospital had ever seen anything like this.

"And in checking the literature, we weren't able to turn up any cases comparable," he tells the station.

According to the news show, the C-section birth at 32 weeks went off as planned May 23, and although Azlen was born eight weeks early, the boy is doing great.

"I'm so thankful for all their hard work," Soto tells "Today." "They didn't give up on my son. They followed my wishes to continue the pregnancy even though it was risky. It was something we all had to go through together."

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