Old Navy Markets Gay Pride Shirts to Fight Bullying

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old navy gay pride

To combat anti-gay bullying, Old Navy is selling rainbow-colored T-shirts with 10 percent of profits going to the It Gets Better Project. Credit: Getty Images

Gay pride has gone mainstream -- and at Old Navy, no less.

You probably could have seen this coming with those mannequin commercials and the ads with the natty little guy who sells cargo shorts.

To combat anti-gay bullying, starting May 30, the store will offer a rainbow-colored T-shirt, donating 10 percent of the profits to the It Gets Better Project. The T-shirts, which will sell for less than $15, tell all who see them to "Love Proudly." They also feature, in smaller letters, "Gay Pride 2011."

The blogosphere is all a-twitter about the idea, and the Twitterverse is all a-buzz.

"We've always been proud to support all types of families at Cool Mom Picks -- the ones with one mommy, the ones with two mommies, the ones with no mommies at all," bloggers at Cool Mom Picks gush.

Old Navy is taking an important stand against bigotry, the blog run by Kristen Chase of Atlanta reports.

"To be clear, we're talking the kind of hate and intolerance that leads to an inexcusable rate of teen suicide in the gay community. If you haven't clicked over to the site yet to watch the videos, do it," the blog says. "And bring the Kleenex."

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