American Airlines: Check That Big Stroller at the Ticket Counter

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american airlines strollers

American Airlines no longer gate-checking certain strollers. Credit: Getty Images

Making your way through a busy airport with a baby -- well, let's just say it takes a village.

You need your diaper bag. And probably a car seat. There's your own carry-ons, of course, not to mention that breast pump and bag of toys. And, certainly, you need your stroller. How would you lug all that stuff -- and the baby, too, without your stroller?

Figure it out, says American Airlines. MSNBC reports the carrier is no longer gate-checking certain strollers. United already has such a policy in place. You say you can't possibly weave your way through check-in, security, trains, escalators and terminals without one? Well, it'll have to weigh less than 20 pounds -- basically, one of those cheapie umbrella-styles.

Anything bigger, the news site says, will have to be checked at the ticket counter. At least they'll check it for free.

"It is simply a matter of many strollers these days being very large and not being collapsible and easily handled at the gate and on the jet bridge," American Airlines' spokesperson Tim Smith tells MSNBC.

Two words: Road. Trip.

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