Transgender Teen Named Prom Queen

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It's OK to be who you are and to do what you want to do. That's the message Andrew Viveros hopes people take away from his fellow students crowning him prom queen.

The South Florida teen, who has gone by Andii for two years, is the first transgender person at a U.S. public school to win the title, NBC News reports.

According to the network, Viveros struggled to get his name on the McFatter High School ballot, as some students at the Davie, Fla. technical school petitioned for his name to be removed from consideration. But the president of the McFatter Gay-Straight Alliance beat out 14 girls for the title.

"I was in shock," Viveros tells NBC News. "I was just smiling."

Viveros received the most votes over 14 girls to secure the sash at the Davie, Fla., technical school, the network reports, adding that Juan Macias, who was named prom king, is also in the Gay-Straight Alliance.

Viveros has the support of his parents, according to NBC News.

"He's my child and I'm going to love him no matter what," his mom, Bernadette Viveros, tells the network.

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