Balloon Boy Parents Want to Auction 'Flying Saucer' for Japanese Relief

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Just when you thought you'd heard the last of the Balloon Boy family, the Heenes comes flying right back at ya.

Richard and Mayumi Heene, who grabbed headlines in 2009 after faking the story that their son Falcon was flying in a balloon that looked an awful lot like a UFO, are trying to auction off the craft, the Coloradan in Fort Collins, Colo., reports.

The Heenes, now living in Florida, have posted a video in hopes of selling the "flying saucer" to raise money for tsunami and earthquake relief in Japan, and say they'd be happy with a $1 million bid.

"Recently we went on the Internet and we saw that over 18,000 people had perished over in Japan because of that tsunami," Richard Heene says in the video. "Well, we thought, how could we help out? We can't with our hands, but we have something that we think could help. What we want to do is put the flying saucer that we had built ... up for auction for charity."

Mayumi Heene, who was born in Japan, also appears in the video, and her husband says the family won't make money off the sale. Richard Heene served 30 days in jail, while Mayumi Heene spent 20 days in the slammer following the balloon hoax.

"They just want to do what is right," California attorney Perry Rausher, who is working with the Heenes, tells the Coloradan, calling the couple "very good people."

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