How to Play: Forcing the City Gates

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Celebrate Chinese New Year with this Red Rover-like game. Credit: Getty Images

What you need: All you need is enough children to form two teams of at least four people each.

How to play: In this Chinese New Year variation of Red Rover, players divide up into teams. The two teams face each other, standing a few yards apart. The first team links arms and chants, "He stuck a feather in his hat and hurried to the town. And children met him with a horse for the gates were broken down." A player from the other team runs with all of his or her force towards the first team, trying to break through the arm links.

The rules: If the player successfully breaks through, the two players who he or she broke through will join the other team. If the player does not break through, he or she must join that team. The game continues from team to team until there is a winning team.

How to win: Be able to keep players from breaking through arm links, keeping your team intact.

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