How to Play: Blind Man's Bluff

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What you need: A blindfold and a spacious area (outdoors or a large room).

How to play: Designate one person as "it." Put a blindfold on "it," spin the person around, and send him or her out into the group of people, who scatter to avoid being tagged. Players can tease "it" by trying to make him or her change direction.

The rules: Who will be "it" can be determined by a counting-out game, such as One Potato.

How to win: Avoid the person who is "it."

What else you need to know: In one variation, the game lasts until everyone has been tagged, and the last person to be tagged is "it" in the next round. In another version, "it" feels the face of the person tagged and tries to guess who that person is. Marco Polo is a variation played in a swimming pool.

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