Singer Rihanna Calls Violent Video 'Empowering'

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There are two ways to look at a man being gunned down: as a disturbing act of violence, or, as "empowering."

Members of the Parents Television Council who have viewed Rihanna's "Man Down" video opt for disturbing. They are wagging their fingers at the music video for where singer Rihanna kills the man who supposedly sexually assaulted her a day earlier, NBC News reports.

Rihanna, the victim of a physical assault in 2009, defends the video. She tells Black Entertainment Television that her video addresses the subject of rape. And, if you have been raped, there is something emotionally satisfying about killing your attacker.

"Girls are empowered by this," she tells the network. "I'm just really impressed that my fans get it. That was really important to me. This is a story for them."

The Parents Television Council says the video is about a premeditated act of murder (oh yeah, and something about a rape) and could encourage girls to kill.

Rihanna mentions that it's not like the character in her video is some sort of cold-blooded killer -- her character in the video does feel remorse later.

"I didn't do it to make a controversial video," Rihanna tells BET. "I wanted to make a mini-movie, something raw and artistic."

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