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Play baby music really, really early on with Bellybuds. Credit:

Some moms-to-be want their growing babies to get a head start on a love for Beethoven. For others, it's the Beatles. Or Bono. Maybe even Bjork or Bon Jovi. We don't judge.

But have you tried stretching a pair of headphones across a big pregnant belly? It's not pretty. Thank goodness for Bellybuds. The safe "bellyphones" adhere with medical-grade, skin-safe hydrogel rings that are also reusable.

They also come with a VoiceShare app so moms, dads, grandparents, siblings -- perhaps even Jon Bon Jovi -- can record messages for the wee one that Mom just downloads and plays on the buds.

If baby arrives and soon comes to appreciate Spandex and asks you to sing "Livin' on a Prayer" as a lullaby, you'll know why.

Bellybuds, $49.99, at


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