Duggar Kids Say They Want Big Families, Too

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Sibling rivalry can be wild enough when there are just two kids in a family, but when there are 19? Where do you find a time out area big enough to hold everyone?

But the Duggar children, stars of TLC's reality show "19 Kids and Counting," say being in such a huge family makes them more likely to want big families of their own.

"I guess our parents always taught us that we are best friends," daughter Jinger tells "Today." "Having your best friends with you all the time, your brothers and sisters, is really special."

Promoting their new book, and the new season of the show, which starts tonight, mom and dad Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar were on the show with most of their family. Jim Bob Duggar says "A Love that Multiplies" deals with struggles faced by Josie, their youngest daughter who was born prematurely.

"It goes deeper into our lives of why we do what we do and what makes us tick and all the Bible principles behind why we do what we do," he tells the show.

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