Missing Boys Found Safe After Woman Recognizes Them From Facebook Posting

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Missing Boys facebook

A woman found two missing boys because of facebook post. Cerdit: Getty Images

Facebook has been proven to have the power to reunite long, lost loves, forgotten friends and family scattered across the world. But missing children with their parents? Who knew?

The Mohave Daily News in Bullhead City, Ariz., reports Marie Rue's two boys, Tevin, 7, and Taren, 11, ran away in the middle of the night, but that a neighbor, who saw they were missing on the social networking site, saw them later that day and helped them get home safely and unharmed.

"My heart told me to stop," Krissy Schlau, who recognized the boys walking along a highway, tells the newspaper.

According to the Daily News, she asked Tevin and Taren if they were missing, and when they said yes, gave them food, water and -- this being June in Arizona -- the air conditioning comfort of her car until police arrived.

Rue tells the newspaper she thinks her sons ran away because they were grounded -- along with their 8-year-old brother -- for throwing rocks and breaking a window.

In addition to an Attempt to Locate issue sent out to law enforcement areas in the area and assistance from a Search and Rescue unit and volunteers, ultimately, the Facebook posting was what led to the boys' discovery, the Daily News reports.

"My husband's always making fun of me for checking Facebook," Schlau tells the newspaper.

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