Breast Milk Tied to Baby's Metabolism

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breast milk

Breast milk lowers blood insulin levels more so than formulas. Credit: Getty Images

If babies can't have breast milk, they need to drink something a lot like it.

The Kansas City Star reports French researchers have found a significant link to breast milk and a baby's developing metabolism. The researchers found children who breast-feed have lower blood insulin levels than formula-fed babies.

The formula-fed babies also had higher blood pressure.

Therefore, when infants cannot be fed breast milk, researchers conclude they should be fed formula with a metabolic profile as close to human breast milk as possible.

According to the Star, researchers analyzed three years of data on 234 children. One group received only breast milk for the first four months of life. The other two groups were randomized to receive either a low-protein formula or a high-protein formula.

Children who received breast milk for the first four months, the Star reports, had a specific pattern of growth and metabolic profile that differed from the formula-fed babies.

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