Dad Dresses Up to Embarrass His Son - Every Day of the School Year

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If you thought a little dancing, singing or bad joke-telling was enough to embarrass your kids, you could learn a thing or two from Dale Price.

The stay-at-home dad from Utah has mortifying his son down to a science -- and it's one that comes with sparkles, capes, makeup and masks. Oh, yes, and drag. Lots of dressing in drag.

The prankster pop wore a different costume for every day of the school year -- that would be 170 in all -- waving from his front lawn to the school bus carrying his teenage son, Rain, "Good Morning America" reports.

Football player, gangster, soldier, chef. Superman, Wonder Woman, rock star, clown. Michael Jackson, Santa Claus, bride. Every single day, a different costume.

"The lowest day was the Little Mermaid," Rain tells "GMA."

Price tells the news show he and his wife noticed the bus had changed routes at the beginning of the school year, driving past their house, so they went outside to wave. Rain, 15 at the time and not thrilled by this, begged his mom to keep his dad from doing it again.

"I overheard it," Price tells "GMA." "So, once I overheard it, I thought, you know what? It's on. Here we go."

Price says he used stuff around the house to construct his costumes, borrowed items from friends and neighbors and spent less than $50 total on his creations.

"This was poor idea just gone crazy," he tells "GMA."

And, while Rain was at many times horrified by his dad, he tells the news show by the last few months of school, the embarrassment eased.

"In the end it was just fun and laughing on the bus the whole way," he says.

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