Facebook Fail: 1,600 Turn Up to Girl's 16th Birthday Party

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It was an invite list that would have put the birthday girls and boys from MTV's "My Super Sweet 16" to shame.

Only thing was, this German teen didn't actually mean to invite thousands of people to her birthday bash. MSNBC reports the girl, only identified as Thessa, accidentally made her Facebook party invitation public, and 15,000 folks RSVP'd.

Thessa canceled the party when she realized she'd forgotten to make the invite private, but 1,600 revelers still showed up at her house in Hamburg, according to the news site. The girl's parents called police, and more than 100 officers reportedly took control.

"I'm so terribly sorry, I didn't want this to happen at all," Thessa tells a German newspaper. "When I was sitting with my grandmother on the sofa and heard what was going on I was totally shocked. A friend said that bottles were being thrown and fences being broken down. I felt terrible."

So terrible, in fact, MSNBC reports, she's ditching Facebook altogether.

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