Girl, 7, Becomes Famous Artist By Mistake

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leilah poulain

Leilah Poulain holds her painting that is on display at London's Saatchi Gallery. Credit: Adam Gray,

Listen very closely.

You can almost hear a million artists screaming. They would give their left lungs to have one of their paintings exhibited at London's oh-so-exclusive Saatchi Gallery.

Yet, 7-year-old Leilah Poulain has her painting of a penguin hanging in the gallery -- because of a mistake, The Sun of London reports.

Poulain's mother, Rebekah, just wanted to download the penguin picture to a private online folder at home. Instead, she accidentally uploaded it to a public file and automatically entered Leilah in a national art competition.

Two years later, Poulain was notified that she was one the winners. Her penguin painting is now hanging alongside works of famous artists such as Damien Hirst.

"Apparently there were 1,700 entries," Rebekah tells the Sun. "It seems it happened because I'm an idiot. Leilah thinks it's brilliant."

However, the 7-year-old is not quite sure what it all means. "Does this mean I'm famous?" she asks the paper.

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