How to Play: Ranter-Go-Round

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Poker chips serve as "lives" in this game.

What you need: A standard deck of playing cards and tokens (poker chips, candy, pennies). Any number of players can play this game.

How to play: The object is not to have the lowest card at the table. Aces can be high or low. Each player receives two to four tokens to count as "lives." Each player is dealt one card, face down. Starting to the left of the dealer, each in turn examines his or her card. If a player is satisfied with her or her card, it may be kept, usually simply by announcing, "I'm good." However, if the player is unsatisfied, the card may be passed to the player on the left, announcing that he or she is "not good," and he or she receives that player's card back in return.

The player to the left is obliged to exchange for the unwanted card unless he or she currently holds a king -- at which time he or she can refuse the card by showing the card. That transaction completed, privilege now passes to the player to the left who may or may not have a new card to decide on. Players who have shown a king in defense are considered to have completed their play. Play continues to the left.

The rules: After all exchanges are completed, the players' cards are all turned face up, and the lowest at the table loses a token/life -- which he or she places into the central pot. Ties lose a life each. Once players lose all their lives, they are out of the game and only remaining players are dealt in for the next hand. Each hand, the dealer rotates to the next player to the left. Play continues until only one person with lives remains.

How to win: Be the last remaining player with a life or lives.

What else you need to know: There are many variations to this game, such as aces counting double lives and the highest card being avoided instead of the lowest card.

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