How to Play: Password

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What you need: At least four players and a pack of Password cards.

How to play: Divide into teams of two – one player will be "A" and the other player will be "B." Divide the cards, giving the "A" cards to the "A" players and the "B" cards to the "B" players. Teams will take turns with the "A" players giving clues to the words on the cards to the "B" players in a time limit. Then, after going through the clues for all five words on the "A" cards, the players will switch roles. Game play continues for three rounds of both players giving the other clues.

The rules: Clue givers cannot say any form of the word in a clue. If they do, that word is thrown out and no points will be received. Guessers can pass on words and come back to them if there is time left. Players get five points for each word guessed. The last word on the card is worth 10 points.

How to win: Be the team with the most points after three rounds of play.

What else you need to know: You can make your own Password cards by writing five words per card.

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