RoadTrip Travel Game

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RoadTrip travel gameWhat would summer be without a family road trip? And, yes, while we fully expect some serious whining to occur ("Are we there yet? Are we there yet?"), packing along a fun game can help pass the time -- and miles -- with ease.

RoadTrip from Daddy-O Productions is a must. Packaged in a travel-friendly retro RV tin, players venture across a map of the United States in their station wagon by completing challenges that ask you to finish a sentence by filling in the blanks with a particular letter. ("When we stopped in Albuquerque, I bought an Armadillo to give to Aunt Alice!")

Draw a Rest Stop card? Get ready to pull over to sing, dance or do some other wacky feat.

RoadTrip, for ages 8 and older, $24.99, at

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