Splash Bombs 8-Piece Pool Party Pack

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Splash Bombs offer fun in the sun. Credit: Toysrus.com

Getting your stuff together for a day at the pool or beach can feel like packing for two-week road trip. Towels, suits, sunscreen, munchies, water bottles, water wings, toys ... Thank goodness there's no carry-on limit.

So, when we find something to make the packing easier, we are ready to dive right in. The Splash Bombs 8-Piece Pool Party Pack from Prime Time Toys keeps all the water toys you need together in a drawstring bag. Splash Bombs are those balls you've seen that can hold up to 10 times their weight in water. Each pack comes with two Splash Bombs footballs, two Splash Bombs balls, a Splash fling and Jai-Alai set.

Be sure to stick a book for yourself in the bag. The kids will be completely occupied.

Splash Bombs 8-Piece Pool Party Pack, $9.99, at Toysrus.com.

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