Bringing Novelty Gum to School Could Get Student Expelled

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Aieee! Everyone panic! He ... has ... novelty gum!

Bear in mind this is not the kind of novelty gum you used to order off the back of your comic books -- you know, the kind that tasteed like garlic. This is weapons-grade novelty gum. It gives off a mild electric shock.

Like a joy buzzer.

Fortunately, a 13-year-old at Andrew Jackson Middle School in Cross Lanes, W.Va., did not bring a joy buzzer on a school field trip. That might have landed him in Guantanamo Bay. Because we're talking novelty gum, he may get by with just being expelled from school.

For novelty gum?!

Times have changed. WOWK, the CBS affiliate in Charleston, W. Va., reports school officials consider any gag items that give off electric shocks to be potentially deadly weapons. A joy buzzer could presumably kill someone with a heart condition.

The gum-packing hooligan apparently wasn't considering such a grim possibility when he brought the gum on a school field trip last month. WOWK reports a teacher confiscated the gum, and the boy was immediately suspended for 10 days -- pending an expulsion hearing.

Kanawha County School District Superintendent Ron Duerring refused to answer questions from the station on the case. He simply cited state law that school districts are required to follow in such cases.

"Obviously, I'm upset, because my son has never been in trouble before," the boy's father, Harry Glaspell, tells the station. "It's a toy. I don't understand how they consider it a deadly weapon. It's not a gun or a knife."

Glaspell tells WOWK school officials recommend his son be expelled for 12 months.

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