Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas

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Baby shower gift ideas

Find a gift that they'll cherish for years! Credit: Getty Images

Searching for a unique baby shower gift? Think beyond pink and blue. Rather than opting for traditional baby gifts, consider giving these five quirky gifts that the parents (and baby) will cherish for years.

Stock Shares
Your little one doesn't have to be the next Warren Buffet to appreciate the unique baby shower gift of a well-valued stock. With companies like Give a Share, you can make the new baby a shareholder at birth by buying just one share of stock from popular companies like Disney (about $72). The little guy or gal will be entitled to declared dividends, annual reports, and any other shareholder perks from any of the 100 stocks available to choose from. Now that's saving for their future!

Happily Handmade
If money is tight, but time and talent are not, consider creating a gift to last a lifetime. A knitting shower is a great way to gather family and friends together to create small squares to be knitted into a large blanket. Many local craft stores will hold a class for next to nothing, and it's more than enough instruction to get you started on your single square. Just be sure to get everyone's contributions together for a final assembly before the big day! For more inspiration on this unique baby shower gift idea, see Homemade Mothering's story.

Belly Art
Will you recall how big you really were while pregnant? With the creative genius behind Art Bellies Pregnancy Art Prints, you can remember forever just how bulky you became. The simple-to-use kits allow Moms to create a silhouette of their beautiful bellies with amazing and bold-color results. These precious prints are so professional-looking, they can be hung in a nursery, office, or anywhere "fine" art will be appreciated. The kits include paper, Japanese calligraphy ink, natural brushes, dyes, and all the instructions you need to create at least three different types of pregnancy portraits. If you're looking for a really different baby shower gift, you've found it.

Practical Gadgets
When asked what one item got them through their first months of new motherhood, many moms may answer "my iPod!" Since electronics aren't usually seen as part of the romantic charm that baby shower gifts seem to impart, however, it's easy to blow them off as a non-essential. Behind every great mom is a digital camera, portable DVD player for the car, or color printer that helps them get things done. Why not ask if a gizmo is on their baby wish list? A snazzy new iPod would surely be a unique baby shower gift.

Domain Names
Depending on how unique your baby's name is, you can find a domain name to match for well under $15 a year from sites like GoDaddy.com. Wouldn't you love to present the new baby with his or her very own web address? In addition to having an online home to showcase baby photos, a blog, or updates on the new family, it can be used when baby gets older for them to create their own business. It's a perfect placeholder for success, and we're pretty sure no one else at the baby shower has thought of this unique baby shower gift idea.

These are just a few unique baby shower gifts you can get for most any new baby. With a little planning and some insight into what Mom wants, your gift will be the envy of the event!

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