Room for Baby: Planning the Nursery

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The nursery should have a few basics: a crib or bassinet, a changing table, a rocking chair and a dresser to hold the baby's clothing and blankets.

One of the most exciting parts of getting ready for your new baby is the nursery planning. As your life changes, so does your home, as you establish a room for baby. The nursery should have a few basics: a crib or bassinet, a changing table, a rocking chair and a dresser to hold the baby's clothing and blankets. The decor is a matter of taste -- some parents pick a whimsical theme, some decorate according to the baby's gender and some decorate according to their own personal style. Unless you truly enjoy redecorating every few years, it's a good idea to opt for baby room ideas that can grow with your child, but as these design sites show, the sky is the limit when it comes to nursery decor.

Spearmint Baby has lots of clever baby room ideas, including popular Gender Neutral Nurseries for parents who don't go for a lot of pink frills or powder blues. Bold colors accent a neutral backdrop, with reds, yellows and greens in the chair, art, bookcase and stuffed toys. A gray room for baby may sound cold, but with bright orange curtains and blue and green accessories, it's modern and cozy.

Project Nursery has a huge project gallery of baby room ideas. We love the fall colors and feel of the October Baby Nursery, with its chocolate brown furniture and orange and beige walls. The mobile over the crib suggests falling leaves and birds flying south for the winter. Brown, orange and white round paper lanterns are a cool design touch that pulls the autumnal theme together with a slight nod to Halloween that will have visual appeal all year long.

ShelterPop rounded up a collection of "Seriously Stylish Nurseries" that turn a simple room for baby into a haven of pop art, nature or cozy fabric. There's even a stylish thrifty baby room idea where hand-me-downs are pulled together with the addition of a couple of fashionably cool pieces -- great for nursery planning on a budget. has baby room ideas for cute themes that break away from duckies and Winnie the Pooh, including a roundup of adorable accessories and decor for an elephant-themed room for baby. The elephant rocker is a unique toy that baby will enjoy as he gets older, and makes a fun piece of decor during infancy.

Coochicoos, "a design blog for modern parents," offers baby room ideas that are chic and unusual, often utilizing bright color (or white with splashes of bright color), modern art, whimsical furniture pieces and offbeat nursery accessories such as chandeliers, hat racks and surf boards.

Little Crown Interiors is a good resource for luxurious, more traditional baby room ideas, such as the Elegant Boy and Glamorous Pink nurseries, as well as gender neutral designs such as the Unique Yellow nursery. Use the site as a nursery planning guide, or utilize their nationwide e-design services.

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