Pregnancy Announcements: Surprise the Grandparents

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Pregnancy Announcements

As you plan to make your big pregnancy announcement, you may wonder about timing. Credit: Corbis

Pregnancy announcements are a fun way to share the news with friends and family -- particularly grandparents. While a phone call will suffice, consider these creative ways to let the new grandparents know you're expecting.

As you plan to make your big pregnancy announcement, you may wonder about timing. When is the best time to let your loved ones know that you have a little one on the way?

According to the website Love to Know, "some couples choose to tell everyone right away. This is often the case for couples who have announced they had been trying to conceive. Others feel they would want the support from immediate family and close friends should a problem arise. Of course, some simply want to share the momentous occasion immediately so everyone can join in their happiness."

The site says eight to 12 weeks is the typical time for parents to spill the beans.

"They feel more comfortable telling their news after this time because risk of miscarriage is lower," Love to Know reports. "For some couples, it is an intimate secret they want to keep to themselves for a short period of time. And for others, a 'surprise' pregnancy may take a little getting used to before telling the rest of the world."

Whatever your timetable, perhaps the easiest way to announce your pregnancy and the impeding arrival of your new addition is through written correspondence, which is especially ideal for friends and family who are out of town.

The upside to taking this approach is that each person will be surprised as they receive your card in the mail. The downside is that you likely won't be there to share the excitement with them. If you like the idea of sending pregnancy announcement cards, consider the options available through Tiny Prints. These cards are easily customizable and affordable.

If you aren't planning to do a mass announcement, but would like to send a cute card to a select few, consider Tummy Talk's "Coming Soon" pregnancy announcements, which come in a set of 10. Also available are individual greeting cards from Zazzle. Written as a message from the baby, these creative pregnancy announcements express excitement about meeting his or her new family and includes space for the due date.

New grandmas and grandpas will be especially excited to receive your news and you may want to create an extra-special surprise pregnancy announcement for them. Rather than sticking to cards alone, consider small gifts created just for them.

Make your own card, using a pregnancy poem that creatively announces your news. One popular example is a letter from the baby. You can couple one of these poems with a small gift, such as a frame to hold the ultrasound picture or a special T-shirt for Grandma or Grandpa. The T-shirts are particularly fun for first time grandparents.

Other nice options include a special handkerchiefs set for the grandparents to be coupled with a poem about the parent-to-be following in their footsteps and Countdown to Grandbaby plaque. For other creative ideas, review Modern Mom's Pregnancy Announcement Ideas.

However you decide announce your pregnancy to the new grandparents, they are sure to be surprised and full of joy!


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