Duggar Clan Expands With Arrival of New Grandson

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Duggar grandson

The first grandson has arrived in the Duggar clan. Credit: Scott Enlow, TLC

With 19 kids, it's probably a safe bet that Arkansas couple Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar will have a slew of grandkids running around one day. The count is already at two, even though they still have their own 18-month-old daughter at home.

"Today" reports a baby boy was born to Josh Duggar, 23, the oldest son of the reality show couple, and his wife, Anna, June 15. The name of the baby is being kept secret for now, but according to the news show his name will start with an "M," same as his big sis Mackynzie, 20 months. All of the Duggar kids have names that start with the letter "J."

Want a peek at the baby? You'll have to wait until he's featured on "19 Kids: First Grandson" June 19 on TLC, "Today" says, adding that Grandma Michelle, 44, says there's still a chance she'll have more kids of her own.

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