Some 50 Million People Taking Dads Out to Eat for Father's Day

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The National Restaurant Association predicts about 50 million will take dad out to eat on Father's Day. Credit: Corbis

Taking your dad out for brunch or dinner on Father's Day?

Make a reservation or get there early. Some 50 million other Americans have the same idea, according to the NRA.

No, that's not the National Rifle Association. The folks there don't care how many people eat at restaurants, as long as they're allowed to carried guns. This is the other NRA -- the National Restaurant Association.

In a press release posted at, restaurant industry leaders predict most of those 50 million people will treat Dad to dinner at his favorite restaurant. The lesson here? If you want to avoid the crowds, treat Dad to breakfast at the local greasy spoon.

Actually, restaurant associations leaders would prefer you take another message from the survey that provided their prediction.

"Father's Day is yet another important celebration that families will choose to spend at our nation's restaurants," Hudson Riehle, senior vice president of the Research and Knowledge Group for the National Restaurant Association, say in the press release. "Our survey results show that the restaurant industry continues to play a significant role in honoring fathers."

According to the National Restaurant Association survey, 67 percent of diners say they will go out for dinner, 24 percent will go out for lunch, 10 percent for brunch and 11 percent for breakfast. In addition, 10 percent will go out for more than one meal at a restaurant.

The survey also asked people to describe the most important factor for choosing a restaurant. According to the survey, 67 percent said they would go to their father's favorite, regardless of Father's Day specials. Only 6 percent said they would choose a restaurant with Father's Day food and drink specials. Fifteen percent said they would choose a restaurant that is kid-friendly and 13 percent said they would choose a restaurant that their father hadn't been to before.

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