Obama Ponders Life as Father of Teenage Daughter

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malia obama

Malia Obama will turn 13 next month. Credit: Pool, Getty Images

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Barack Obama concedes he's nervous about his daughter Malia turning 13 next month, but says "I'm not anticipating complete mayhem."

In an ABC interview, Obama describes both Malia and younger sister Sasha as smart and funny and says "they're kind, they are respectful."

Asked how he would feel about Malia starting to date, the president quipped, in a reference to the Secret Service, that "I have men with guns who surround them all the time ... and it means they never get in a car with a boy who had a beer."

Obama says he might ask Malia's date "what his GPA is" and what his intentions and career plans are. But he quickly adds that if the girls are watching the interview, "I'm just joking."

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