Best Road Trip Apps

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Road Trip Apps

Long car rides can make children antsy - ease their pain with these apps! Credit: Getty Images

Road trips can be a time of family bonding and also an opportunity for whining -- these apps can help with both.
Classic kids' song becomes interactive in darling ways. Ages: 3+
Drawing Pad (2010)
Great drawing app for iPad is a window to self expression. Ages: 4+

Creativity blossoms in remarkably original art app. Ages 4+

Classic car trip game allows two people to play at once. Ages 5+

Fun family word game improves on the classic. Ages 7+

Pictureka! (2010)
Fast-paced searching game well-adapted from the board game. Ages 7+

Uno (2010)
Fun multiplayer game on same device, watch online play. Ages 7+

Battleship (2010)
Just like the classic board game but with big explosions. Ages 8+

Carcassonne (2010)
Great "Huddle" game on iPad about placing tiles. Ages 8+

Surprisingly fun geography education game. Ages 8+


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