It's a Soda a Day for 1 in 4 Teens, CDC Survey Finds

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"Mom, I'm so thirsty! Can you please pass the milk?"

Not a request most parents of teens expect to hear, but, according to the Centers for Disease Control, the most favored drinks among American teens are water, fruit juices and even milk, according to CBS News.

And, surprise, surprise, they're drinking less soda.

One-fourth of U.S. teens slurp down soda each day, according to the network, and while that still may sound like a lot, it's actually an improvement over 10 years ago when three-quarters of teens were drinking the sugary stuff.

Of course, you factor in other sugary drinks such as Gatorade with the soda stats and the number is back up to where it was a decade ago, CBS News adds.

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