Should Cell Phones Go to Camp?

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camp phone policy

Most camps have policies. Credit: Sigrid Olson, Getty Images

Q. My 11-year-old is going to sleep-away camp, and I'm torn about letting her take her cell phone. What should I do?

A. Most camps have policies, so check those first. Sometimes camps prohibit them because they make kids more homesick if they call mom and dad every time they feel lonely.

Beyond that, part of what makes camp a special experience is the bonding that goes on among campers when they're cut off from the outside world. When your daughter can't text her friends from home, she's more likely to make lasting friendships with her bunkmates.

Plus, this is a great opportunity for her to safely develop some independence. Which actually cuts both ways: Thanks to cell phones, we're so used to being able to connect to our kids immediately that we don't often get the chance to stand back and let them deal with situations on their own. And if you're worrying about it for safety's sake, remember that you chose the camp because it was fun and responsible. Let your daughter do her thing.

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