Rapper 50 Cent Gives His Two Cents on Bullying in New Book

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50 Cent Bullying Book

50 Cent is trying his hand at rhyming, not for a song though, a children's book. Credit: Getty Images

Rapper 50 Cent has a simple solution for bullying.

"Give me a knife," he once rapped. "I'll get rid of your neighborhood bully."

A lot of people misunderstood those lyrics. Mr. Cent apparently just wants to dissect bullies and find out what makes them tick. "I wanted to explore how a kid becomes a bully," he tells the London Guardian.

He still wants to use a sharp object, but this time he's opting for a pen rather than a knife.

The rapper formerly known as Curtis Jackson, now called "Fiddy," is writing a book for teenagers that explores the theme of bullying. He tells the Guardian his book, titled "Playground," will be "a positive influence on all teenagers."

"This book would have been very helpful for me growing up," he adds.

While most of Fiddy's previous writings discuss interpersonal conflict resolution through the busting of caps and assorted cutlery, he says his book will take a more sophisticated approach to bullying.

Fiddy has had his own share of interpersonal conflicts to resolve and has even been accused of being a bully himself.

"A bully picks on people he knows he can beat," the Guardian quotes him from a radio appearance. "The people that I've been in altercations with will tear into my ass if I say something to them. How can I be a bully if I'm not picking weak individuals?"

"Playground" is due out in January -- possibly.

As he tweeted about the record company, after it leaked a new single from his upcoming album, Mr. Cent prefers "my sh** coming out when I feel like it!" The rest of the tweet is somewhat nasty with a creative misspelling for the F word.

Maybe he'll be more diplomatic when teaching kids how to work and play well with others.

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