Water Balloons Gets Seniors Banned from Graduation

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water balloons graduation ban

Something these students won't be wearing. Credit: Corbis

Adults can be soooo touchy.

You splatter the school principal, assistant principal, crossing guard and a few other people with water balloons, and they get all bent out of shape.

Then again, some Long Island high school students are learning that bombing those around you with water balloons is just not the done thing. Better to get that lesson now than when they're working at the Pentagon.

A water balloon fight is an annual tradition at East Rockaway High School. It is considered good, clean fun -- for those who want to get soaked. That would not include school administrators.

CBS News reports the seniors responsible for escalating the war were banned from the prom and graduation ceremony. Some parents tell CBS that's going too far.

"Gone through four years of high school and then they made one mistake," a father tells the network. "I mean I think it's a little bit too far. I mean, these kids, they were having fun."

"Kids are kids. You know, to ban them from graduation, I think is ridiculous," another father chimes in.

Both fathers tells CBS that they believe community service would be a more appropriate punishment.

Melissa Erul, one of the seniors banned from graduation, says the whole thing is (wait for it, wait for it): unfair. "I'm just so upset," she tells CBS. "None of my family's gonna be able to see me."

Senior Mike Castellano adds, "I didn't even throw a water balloon and I'm being penalized."

Anthony Gallegro, another senior, tells CBS only two people chucked water balloons at administrators. "Because of two bad seeds in the bunch we're all going down for it," Gallegro tells CBS.

However, school Superintendent Rosanne Melucci tells the network that students were warned ahead of time of the penalties and chose to have the water balloon fight anyway. "The actions of these students created a disorderly and unsafe situation by obstructing vehicular and pedestrian traffic," she says.


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