Harry Potter Website With New Content, Ebook Sales to Launch

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harry potter website

Author J.K. Rowling. Credit: Akira Suemori, AP

Harry Potter fans devastated that the books are done and the movie series is soon ending are getting a new reason to cheer: Pottermore.

Potter author JK Rowling announced the new interactive site Thursday, thrilling Potter devotees with the news that new material will be available, and that it will be the only place folks can buy the Harry Potter books digitally, London's Guardian reports.

During a press conference, Rowling said she has already penned some 18,000 words for the site, according to the newspaper, including how Prof. Minerva McGonagall once fell for a Muggle, how the Dursleys met and new scoop on the houses Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff.

"I had more than half of the new material already written or in note form," she said at the conference. "I dug some out of boxes."

As for the ebooks, the Guardian reports they will only be sold on Pottermore.com, but will be compatible with all ebook readers.

Could Rowling be starting a new trend?

"This does feel like a significant moment," book agent Jonny Geller tells the newspaper. "If I was a brand author I would be asking my publisher how to get to the online communities that JK Rowling is getting to. It might be a wakeup call to think of a new way of getting to readers."

The site opens to the first million users who register on July 31 (that's Harry's birthday, by the way), according to the Guardian, and will launch to the rest of the world in October. That's when the ebooks will be available, as well.


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