Bugs Bunny Can Give Kids Nightmares, Study Finds

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Now, plenty of parents probably count marathons including SpongeBob, Dora and Diego among the horrors of life, but it turns out Batman, Pokemon and Bugs Bunny might be giving their children actual nightmares.

A new sleep study out of the Seattle Children's Research Institute shows wee ones between the ages of 3 and 5 experienced more nightmares, tiredness during the day and trouble waking up when they watched violent shows or when they were on the computer or watching TV after 7 p.m., "Good Morning America" reports.

"Bugs Bunny counts as violence in this study, and so does Batman and so does Pokémon," lead author Michelle Garrison tells ABC News. "Slapstick funny violence in Bugs Bunny or superhero violence in Batman or more realistic violence -- we didn't see a difference in terms of the impact on sleep."

The researchers looked at sleep diaries kept over a week's time, with parents noting their child's sleep patterns and behaviors, according to "GMA." Kids watched TV or used a computer an average of 73 minutes per day, with some taking in more than four hours of screen time, the study notes.

"GMA" reports the study looked at content, as well, and researchers found, generally, that kids weren't watching adult shows or even really violent ones -- and they weren't playing violent games on the computer, either. Rather, they were watching TV programs meant for kids just a bit older than them. F

"The amount of violence wasn't huge," Garrison tells ABC, but still, she says, it had a big impact on the kids when it came to sleep.

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