Airline Bans Babies in First Class

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airline bans babies

Malaysia Airlines will no longer allow babies in first class. Credit: Tengku Bahar, AFP/Getty Images

If babies could converse halfway intelligently about international exchange rates, it might be worth putting up with a little bit of crying and a dirty diaper or two. Otherwise, they're just tacky -- and loud.

That's how first-class airplane passengers often feel.

Well, enjoy that third mimosa in peace, Lord Chauncy. Malaysia Airlines has good news for the international upper crust. There will be no more babies in first class on its Boeing 747-400 jets.

And when the Airbus A380 super jumbo jets arrive, the babies will be tucked away among the rabble on those too.

Malaysia Airlines CEO Tengku Azmil says the airline is responding to complaints from first-class passengers about crying infants, USA Today reports.

In a Twitter exchange with Australian Business Traveler magazine, Azmil expresses sympathy for passengers who "spend money on first class and can't sleep due to crying infants."

His decision affects Malaysia Airlines' biggest jets, which fly long routes between Kuala Lumpur and Sydney as well as London and Amsterdam. The routes attract a lot of wealthy, international business types.

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