Bubber Bucket

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Bubber Bucket is like playing with fluffy clouds. Credit: Amazon.com

Now, we are big fans of creative play and encouraging our kids to explore their artistic sides, but let's face it: Arts and crafts are messy.

There's paint to spill, tables to be drawn on, molding clay left to dry out. Which is probably why we got a little overly excited when the Bubber Bucket arrived. Billed as "clouds in a can," this super-lightweight compound is super easy to mold, comes in c bunch of fun colors, is non-toxic, non-allergenic, leaves no stains, is easy to pick up and -- hooray! -- never dries out.

Our testers got busy building a little family, and, when they were done, just scooped it up and put the Bubber back in the bucket. Yep, Bubber is Bananas!

Bubber Bucket, $12.99, at amazon.com.


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