LeapFrog Brings iPad Technology to the Preschool Crowd

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Credit: Leapfrog.com

Researchers estimate kids ages 8 to 18 spend almost every hour they are not eating, sleeping or attending school with cells phones, computers, televisions and other electronic devices.

You realize what this means, of course: Kids are spending far too much time eating and sleeping. Not only that, our machine overlords need to do a better job of assimilating children under 8.

LeapFrog to the rescue.

The New York Times reports the company which makes electronic books for kids (the most successful educational toy ever made, by the way) is coming out with the next generation of LeapPad -- it's basically an iPad for kids.

Company executives unveiled their new tablet computer June 28. This is not your older brother's LeapPad, though. That old clunker was a plastic console that merely turned paper books into talking books; how late 20th century?

The Times reports this new LeapPad comes with a 5-inch touch screen, still and video camera, microphone, 2GB of memory and a $100 price tag. It enables kids ages 4 to 9 to create their own stories and personalize them with photos of themselves and their friends. LeapFrog execs promise to add more bells and whistles over time.

According to The Times, LeapFrog made a big splash in the market in 1999 but began to decline. Company executives hope this is their chance to leap back.

"We lost direction for a few years," Chief Executive John Barbour tells The Times. "We are coming back. We are going to be the leader in this space."

Barbour adds the new LeapPad, available in August, returns the company its roots. "The essence of what we do is develop children's entertainment that has proven curricula built into it and makes learning fun," he tell The Times.


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