Martha Stewart & AOL Launch 'Martha & Friends'

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martha and friends

Martha and her friends are cooking up crafts, games and activities at Credit: Martha & Friends

Why should grown-ups have all the Martha Stewart fun?

It's time for kids to get in on the queen of craft action with "Martha & Friends," a new animated multimedia series for children that is sure to get the creativity flowing.

The Stewart collaboration features an animated 10-year-old Martha, described as creative and resourceful, along with her BFFs Kevin, Lily and Hannah and her two dogs, Francesca and Sharkey.

On, kids can watch webisodes, which begin airing today, play games like Supermarket Dash or Kevin's Treehouse and learn how to do activities and projects such as making lemonade, personalizing pet bowls, decorating flip flops or whipping up homemade lip balm.

Wanna catch the gang on TV? On July 3, the Hallmark Channel will air "Martha's Fourth," a July 4th special following Martha and her pals as they take a trip to the beach.

Who couldn't use a mini Martha around the house?

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