Crayola ColorStudio HD

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Drawings come to life on the new Crayola iPad app. Credit: Crayola

Remember when a couple of crayons and a coloring book were all you needed for a little creative fun? Drawing the old fashioned way is still a favorite pastime for kids, but technology can really up the wow factor.

Take the new Crayola ColorStudio HD from Griffin Technology and Crayola.

The iPad app allows you to draw with a marker-shaped digital stylus -- the iMarker -- that can be used to look like you're using a marker, crayon, pen or paintbrush, or kids can use their fingers to do the drawing. Kids can interact with animated coloring book pages that move and react while being colored and drawings can generate pictures, sound effects, music and animations. How cool is that?

Wait, it gets even cooler -- instead of storing up all those pieces of paper your kid draws for Grandma that never get sent, you can simply email her artwork, upload it to Facebook or print it out for fridge display.

Crayola ColorStudio HD, $29.99 at Apple stores, Best Buy and

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