Mother Gets to Adopt Her Own Children

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Yolanda Miller's adopted children will never have to wonder about their birth mother.

She is their birth mother.

ABC News reports Illinois authorities took away Miller's children, but then, because of a quirk in state law, let her adopt them.

Miller lost custody of her 10 children because of her drug problems; her mother stepped in to raise the kids.

"It wasn't my mom's job to raise my kids," Miller tells ABC. "That was my job. So I realized I needed to get my life together because my children needed me."

So she did. When her mother died in 2003, she was granted guardianship of the children. However, she was still not legally their "mother." ABC News reports that changed last week when she legally adopted four of her children.

"Anything is possible for those that believe, and I've always believed that I would get my children back once I got my life back together," Miller tells the network.

Miller, her four "adopted" children and some of her grandchildren attended a press conference July 5 to hail the new Illinois law allowing birth parents to regain custody of their children through adoption.

"Many judges are reluctant to restore rights to someone that another judge has taken them away from, but now there's a process in place that everyone can follow," adoption attorney Linda Coon tells ABC. "That's really been needed for a long time."

Before parents who have lost custody can adopt their children, state authorities investigate the case, and the court appoints an attorney to represent the best interest of the child.

The adoption of Miller's other children is still in that process.

Her daughter Rashunda Pouncey tells ABC she's happy at least part of the family has been legally reunited. "I'm proud of my mom," she says. "I've always been proud. She always stuck by us no matter what she went through."

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