Trying to Get Pregnant? Start Flossing

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Trying to get pregnant? Be sure to floss.

BBC News reports an Australian study presented at a fertility meeting in Sweden this week says bad oral health is just as bad as obesity when it comes to fertility and flossing regularly can help a woman get pregnant faster.

Experts reported that women who had gum disease too more than seven months to get pregnant -- that's two months longer than the average five months, according to the network.

Periodontal disease doesn't just affect the ability to conceive -- it also has been shown as a factor in heart disease, type 2 diabetes, miscarriage and plus poor sperm quality.

"Until now, there have been no published studies that investigate whether gum disease can affect a woman's chance of conceiving, so this is the first report to suggest that gum disease might be one of several factors that could be modified to improve the chances of a pregnancy," Roger Hart, the study's lead researcher and professor at the University of Western Australia, tells the BBC.

Hart says women trying to conceive should schedule a dentist appointment.


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