Casey Anthony: 'I've Thought About Adopting'

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casey anthony

Credit: Joe Burbank, AP

When Casey Anthony was declared not guilty Tuesday of murdering her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, the country was in shock -- many were outraged. Anthony was sentenced to four years in jail for lying to police during the murder investigation, but will be released on July 13th because of time already served, AP reports.

Because Anthony has become one of the most hated woman in America, many are wondering what kind of life will she live when she is free.

Letters Anthony wrote to inmate Robyn Adams shed light on how the notorious mother views her future freedom, according to People Magazine. "I've thought about adopting, which even sounds weird to me saying it, but there are so many children that deserve to be loved," Anthony writes. "Let's make a deal? Let's get pregnant together?"

And that's not all -- the magazine reports that Anthony also reveals her desire to write a book. A "partial memoir ... to settle many rumors and to share my insight about love, life and most important – God," she writes to Adams.

Her letters reflect her desire to one day lead a normal life: "I could use a day at Target myself," she wrote to Adams. "Just to walk around the store, to be a part of society. I want to go grocery shopping."

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