Peaceable Kingdom Quick Sticker Kits

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Decorate cute animal purses with stickers. Credit: Peaceable Kingdom

Whether you've got a road trip on the agenda, or just need a couple fun -- and affordable -- activities handy to keep the kids busy, stickers are always a welcome diversion.

We're digging the Quick Sticker Kits from Peaceable Kingdom. At $4.99 a pop, these kits are like mini projects. Kids can arrange and decorate a slew of stickers to make their own creations. Four new styles include:
  • Make a Robot Kit: Build two sturdy paper robots with 14 interchangeable parts and decorate them with 77 shiny foil stickers.
  • Sparkly Critter Purses Kit: Decorate three animal-shaped paper purses (puppy, kitty, bear) with 88 glittery facial expression and accessory stickers.
  • Dinosaur Play World Kit: Adorn a pop-out volcano backdrop for three stand-up dinosaurs with 22 dinosaur stickers.
  • Dress-Up Puppies Sticker Kit: Three fold-up doghouses, three stand-up puppies and three dog beds can be accessorized and decorated with 69 puppy-themed glittery stickers.
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