Dad Who Let Daughter, 8, Kickbox in Aussie Match Has Fight on His Hands

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A little girl who dreams of being a kickboxer when she grows up may be a bit unusual, but we can get behind that. Oh, you say her dad is a world kickboxing champ? Well, that makes even more sense.

But putting her in the boxing ring for a three-round fight in front of a paying crowd? Now, that's got folks crying crikey.

Australia's John Wayne Parr is drawing some serious boos after he allowed Jasmine, his 8-year-old daughter, to fight a 7-year-old in the ring, "Today" reports.

"When I grow up I want to be like my mom and dad," Jasmine tells the show. "My kicks are getting harder and harder every day."

"Today" reports Jasmine cried after the first three-minute round of the controversial bout after being knocked down, but the girl got back in the ring and the match ended in a draw.

The fight has drawn harsh criticism, according to the show.

"We had a girl aged 9 who was hospitalized due to a significant concussion as a result of boxing," Dr. Kellie Wilson of Sydney Children's Hospital tells "Today."

Parr says he wasn't expecting the backlash.

"I'm a good guy," he tells "Today." "I wouldn't put my own flesh and blood in the ring unless I thought it was 100 percent safe."

British national kickboxing champ Amanda Kelly backs him up.

"It's a great way of teaching them to have confidence, coordination, balance, " she tells "Today" of kickboxing for kids.

Jasmine tells "Today" she wants a big trophy one day -- but she doesn't want to hit the ring again until she's 10.

"I think that my dad and my mom are good parents and I think they would never push me into something," the girl tells the show.

What do you think? Should parents let young kids duke it out? Leave a comment below!

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