Doctor: Some Parents Too Fat to Have Kids

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A physician has a revolutionary new concept for helping obese children lose literally hundreds of pounds of dangerous fat.

Remove their parents.

Some people are too fat to have kids, David Ludwig, an obesity specialist at Children's Hospital in Boston, writes in an opinion piece appearing July 13 in the Journal of the American Medical Association. The piece is co-written with Lindsey Murtagh, a lawyer and a researcher at Harvard's School of Public Health.

If children of porky parents suffer from diabetes, breathing difficulties or liver problems, Ludwig and Murtagh argue they should be taken away for their own protection. Not forever, mind you. Once everyone is properly educated, they say, families would be reunited.

According to the Houston Chronicle, Ludwig began thinking about the danger of porky parents after a 3-year-old girl weighed in at his clinic at 90 pounds. Her parents reportedly had physical disabilities, little money and difficulty controlling her weight.

Last year, the Chronicle reports, she returned at age 12 weighing 400 pounds. She had diabetes, cholesterol problems, high blood pressure and sleep apnea.

"Out of medical concern, the state placed this girl in foster care, where she simply received three balanced meals a day and a snack or two and moderate physical activity," Ludwig writes. "After a year, she lost 130 pounds. Though she is still obese, her diabetes and apnea disappeared. She remains in foster care."

The Chronicle reports obesity was a factor in several cases where children were taken from their parents in Great Britain last year.


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