'Happily Ever Moey' Children's DVD and CD

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Fairy tales get a New York modern spin from Moey's Music Party. Credit: Moey's Music Party

Looking for a new way to entertain your pint-sized princes and princesses? The new DVD and CD from award-winning children's band Moey's Music Party will have them singing, dancing and busting a magical move.

"Happily Ever Moey: A Fairy Tale Lark in Central Park," was released this week, bringing 15 fairy tales set in Central Park -- aka the enchanted forest -- to life with modern music video spins on the classics starring New York children. "The Three Bears" becomes a parable about saving the environment, in "Little Red Riding Hood," the girl saves herself with a well-placed Judo kick and in the "Princess and the Pea," our heroine donates all those mattresses to the homeless.

Whether you live in the Big Apple or not, we definitely think you should take a bite.

Get it at moeysmusicparty.com, CDBaby.com and iTunes for $19.95.


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