Tweet Your Way to a Full MBA Scholarship at the University of Iowa

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Remember trying to write your college essays and struggling to come up with 800 words to show the admissions boards how amazing you were? Think you could have done it in 140 characters or less?

That's the limit the University of Iowa is setting for a second application to its MBA program, and if you send the Big 10 school the best tweet, you could earn a $37,000 scholarship, USA Today reports.

The school is offering the winner a full ride to its business school -- but better hurry, your kids have until July 28 to apply, according to the newspaper, which adds that students also are being encouraged to provide blog links, videos, Facebook links and more to answer: "What makes you an exceptional Tippie Full-time MBA candidate and future MBA hire?"

They'll be competing with Seth Goldstein of Columbus, Ohio, who already sent in his tweet.

"It is something different and out of the box," he tells USA Today. "No other MBA schools I have applied to have anything like this."

But Jaron Lanier, who wrote "You Are Not A Gadget: A Manifesto," is against the twist on the traditional college application.

"They're devaluing their future, because they're identifying themselves with a fad rather than something more long term," Lanier tells the newspaper. "It comes off as a school trying so hard to be cool."

Being cool ain't always easy, however. Ask Iowa grad Kinzie Dekkenga, who thought a tweet would be a snap compared to a wordy essay. She tells USA Today her 140-character entry took her five days to complete.

"It turns out ... having to simplify your thoughts down was much harder than I thought," she tells the newspaper. "I sat on the Twitter page and just kept typing things, but I was always 100 or 200 characters over."


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