Girl, 12, Gets Suspended Sentence for Cyberstalking

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Girls, 11 and 12, posted sexually explicit photos of a classmate on Facebook. Credit: AP

Think your child is too young to be wrapped up in a cyberstalking case? A 12-year-old received a six-month suspended sentence for committing the crime this week.

The Seattle Times reports the girl from Issaquah, Wash., was also charged with first-degree computer trespassing after posting sexually explicit pictures on another 12-year-old's Facebook page. An 11-year-old co-defendant was sentenced to community service earlier, according to the newspaper.

"I want to apologize for making people go through all of this," the 12-year-old said in court, the Times reports. " I just feel real bad and if I could go back I would change everything."

The charges show that the two defendants also sent instant messages to "random" people to arrange sex meetings posing as the victim, Leslie Cote, who asked the media to name her to help bring light to the seriousness of cyberstalking, according to the newspaper.

If the defendants follow the court's rules and don't get in trouble for six months the case will be dismissed, according to the Times.

The Times reports Leslie had been at one of the defendants' homes when she got on Facebook and the girls got her password. Leslie's mother, Tara Cote, tells the newspaper the cyberstalking "made our lives a living hell."

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