Boy, 12, Expected to Keep Foot After Texas Shark Attack

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We think most of us can pretty much agree that sharks are best viewed during a dedicated week on the Discovery Channel.

Because viewing them in person, well, that's just asking for trouble. Ask Nicholas Vossler. The 12-year-old boy from Texas was playing in the water during a family vacation near Port Arthur on July 7, when he almost had his left foot chomped off by a bull shark, "Today" reports.

"We were swimming in the surf, you know, just having a good time," Nicholas tells the news show. "I was waist-deep in water, and a shark came up and bit my foot."

Family friend Mark Constien, who was also on the trip, saw the boy bleeding on a sandbar and picked him up, according to "Today."

"I saw his mangled foot and a lot of blood," the boy's dad, Cecil Vossler, tells the show. "I know God was with us, because we thought clearly; after the first shock, you know, you snap out of that and start thinking clearly."

Alisha Vossler, Nicholas's mom, waved down a boat to take the boy to shore, where a helicopter soon picked him up, and his dad wrapped his shirt around the foot to ease the bleeding, "Today" reports.

"When I put his head in my lap, he said, 'Mom, you need to start praying,' " Alisha Vossler tells the show.

The prayers worked -- Nicholas is expected to keep his foot.

"The prognosis is good; I think he's going to come back and have a functional foot," Dr. Charles Cox of Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston tells NBC.

Want to read more about Nicholas? He's started a blog,, to share his fish tales.

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