How to Make the Best of Summer 'Down Time'

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Sometimes, we get so caught up in planning summer activities that we forget about the simple ways to have fun in the sun. Whatever happened to just relaxing by the pool? So, in between vacation and summer camp, here a few ways to enjoy your summer "down time":

1. Go swimming! But don't forget to remind your kids to drink water while out at the pool -- it's easy to get dehydrated in the summer heat.

2. Plant a vegetable garden. Make sure to water your plants regularly.

3. Go for a run, conduct a relay race, be active. Staying active boosts vitamin D and improves sleep and your mood.

4. Read a masterpiece. Pick up that book you've always meant to read. Encourage your kids to read your favorite childhood classic, too.

5. Go camping in your own back yard. Hold a contest to see who can catch the most fireflies.

6. Star gaze. Use a star chart to find constellations.

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