Kids Punctured by Syringes 'Donated' to Preschool

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A box of medical items was donated to a New Mexico preschool so children could play doctor.

Instead, at least four of them may find themselves in the role of patient after getting punctured by syringes in the bottom of the box.

KOAT, the ABC News affiliate in Albuquerque, reports teachers at Governor Bent Elementary School didn't check the box before giving it to children or investigate the source of the donation.

Now, ABC reports, the syringes are being tested by the New Mexico Department of Health to see if they've been used or if they contain something dangerous.

The two syringes may have been sitting in the box for more than a year, Albuquerque Chief Administrative Officer Rob Perry tells ABC. "It appeared, preliminarily, they didn't contain substances," he adds.

ABC reports city officials are investigating the source of the donation and making sure schools across the city don't have any similar items just sitting around. Perry tells the network the city could change its policies about donations as a result.

"The protocol at this particular point relies a lot on common sense," Doug Chaplin, of the Department of Family and Community Service, tells ABC. "I mean, we're dealing with professional teachers. They deal with children all the time."

Professional? Albuquerque resident Nicholas Blakeslee tells ABC she's not so sure.

"They tell us these are all professional teachers. Does that sound very professional to you? No, it doesn't. It's a joke," Blakeslee says.


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